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messenger style baby changing bag for fathers 



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"Bought mainly for my husband as a non fussy, good size change bag he can use. Exactly as described. Spacious, lovely large changing mat, useful wet pocket and insulated bottle pouch. My husband especially liked the phone pocket that you can attach to the strap (which can fit an iPhone 6 in a case). Great bag."

Dr Emma P, UK




"We have twins and we find we can get everything we need for a day trip into this bag. I like the zip at the top as it saves you having to lift the flap over every time you want to get something out."

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"This is a great item! The colour and style is perfect for Mum as well as Dad, and although only acquired a couple of weeks ago I can tell it will be hard-wearing as the quality of the fabric is superb.

I love all the compartments and it fits nicely onto the buggy for easy access to my purse etc when I'm out shopping!

The portable changing mat is a great size - some can be quite small but this is perfect - and there's great sections and a holder for bottles, nappies etc.

Would highly recommend this product."

Vanessa, UK - See the full review on




"If you're looking for a spacious, well designed and sturdy changing bag then look no further. This bag has space for everything....Extremely practical and smart."

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Reviews from our Filberry Fans in the USA - Filberry UK just launched!




"This is the perfect diaper bag for any father-to-be! I was thoroughly impressed with the vast amount of compartments, pockets, and zippers that this bag has - definitely ideal for a baby bag! This product comes with a large changing pad, an insulated bottle bag and a detachable phone pocket that fits most cell phones. There are 11 zippered pockets and TONS of storage; I absolutely love this baby bag." 

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"Best diaper bag on the market hands down!"

Amazon Customer - See review on




"I absolutely love this messenger diaper bag... This bag is amazing! It's a lot bigger than I expected...  It's a heavy duty bag that can definitely withstand juice, milk, food particles, etc. It's easy to spot clean...I'm 5ft 3in and the bag hangs comfortably for me (once adjusted) and fits well with my husband too who is 6ft 2in...It's sturdy, durable, and solidly made.

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"I think it's great that they are unisex, mostly for the 'I'm too manly to carry a girly diaper bag, dads' .... I especially like the fact that there's a zipper at the top so I don't have to open the diaper bag fully if I don't want to."

Ashley, USA




"This is the most spacious diaper bag I have ever owned! I love it! Where do I even begin!! First off it looks just like the picture shown only bigger which is a plus...I can literally put everything my daughter needs in here and still have room left for my things...This has by far been the best diaper bag I personally have ever tried, I highly recommend it!"

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"When I received the bag in the mail, I opened it and my husband said "That's for me, right?"! Well, I WAS planning on testing this bag myself, but my husband really wanted it, so we are writing this review together as PROOF that this really is a unisex bag!

Overall, we love this diaper bag and it is truly a designer product in quality and style. It is VERY roomy which is great for us because we babywear and cloth diaper, so our diaper bags tend to be packed. This one fits everything we need and even when it is stuffed to the max, it never feels bulky or overstuffed. It has lots of pockets and even has an insulated side pocket that will certainly get a lot of use. In addition, the whole interior is very easy to clean and the bag includes a wet pocket, which is great for unexpected messes and used cloth diapers.

Something we both noted immediately was the comfort and design of the bag. It is a messenger bag style, which is trendy looking, but I often find messenger bags to be uncomfortable because they dig into my shoulder. This is not so with this bag. It has a nice, puffy shoulder pad that makes it very comfortable. As for the design, my favorite feature is that even though it is a messenger bag, it can be unzipped from the top so you can just reach right in your bag without having to open the front flap! It is wonderfully convenient for when you need something immediately, or when you're walking around and need to reach in to grab something. Since it has the top zipper, you get the style of the messenger bag with the convenience of a top-zipping bag. I've really never seen anything like it.

Finally, it came with a changing pad which is always a great addition to any diaper bag, but this changing pad was a lot better than the ones that came with my previous diaper bags. This one is particularly large and is nice and puffy. It offers a little more comfort for my baby than the thin plastic ones I've used in the past."

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"Chose this bag over the competitors as it was toted to have a lot of space. It lives up to this claim and is very functional. I like how easy things fit and the multiple inner pockets allow the bag to stay organized.  Large pocket on the end can even hold a hydroflask.

Very good design and comfortable. Very pleased with the this product and recommended it to friends."



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Customer reviews, Filberry fans, Filberry baby changing bag for dads, men's baby change bag, large unisex nappy changing bag, black grey baby bag,

messenger style baby changing bag for fathers