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Filberry is more than just a baby changing bag for a dad.  It's about the experience you have when you go out with your child. Every time you go out, you create memories.  What memories are you creating?


We'd love to hear your 'dad stories'. What have you done with your child?  Where did you visit?  How did it go?   Share the good, the bad and the ugly - just keep it upbeat!


Share your 'dad stories' here.


Here's Our Story


We were looking for a gift for a friend who was about to become a new dad for the first time. He was so excited and keen to be really hands-on when the baby arrived. 


When our kids were babies, all the baby changing bags were what could best be described as 'girly'.  We were shocked to find nothing much had changed.  Even looking online, we found very little choice.


So we decided to do something creative and design the best baby nappy changing bag for dads we could.  It had to look cool and funky, be functional and of high quality, and above all, it had to be a great experience for dads and their babies.


And so, the Filberry Baby Changing Bag for Dads was born.  Because dads matter.


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